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Martha Giffen - Creator of Rewired Self-Talk for Winners

Martha Giffen -
Creator of Rewired
Self-Talk for Winners

From the Desk of: Martha Giffen
Helena, Alabama

Dear Friend,

We need to talk.  Not so long ago, I discovered something that completely changed my thinking and subsequently changed my life. 

I know... how many people have told you how to change? And how many did you actually pay attention to?

Because the fact is, there is only one person you REALLY wholeheartedly believe and that is YOURSELF. Nothing wrong about that, just the facts here.

Until you begin telling yourself the message that you need to hear, you will ALWAYS be wired for failure. Seriously. 

ALL Of Your Success Hinges On The Critical

Conversations You Have With YOURSELF!

Believe me, I should know:

I was an expert at telling myself all the reasons I couldn’t be, wouldn’t be and could NEVER be as successful as others.  And of course, I believed everything I was telling myself. 

After all, *I* couldn’t be wrong. Right?

Once I finally “got it” and solved the mystery of self-talk, my “luck” seemed to change. I learned HOW to use it and WHEN to use it!  Once I learned this secret and began to REWIRE myself, my life was never the same!

Most people are not even aware that their own thinking is causing their problems.  They are “wired” for failure and they don’t even know it!  This is a problem we all suffer from!

You Can Have A Brain Breakthrough!


You see...

Once I learned that it only took a little tweaking and changing a couple of unconscious bad habits to be really successful, I was all over it! I realized I wasn’t doomed for failure – just the opposite – I could REWIRE my thinking to get the exact results I wanted!!

That's right, RE-WIRE my thinking!

And now I can show you concrete, practical ways to REWIRE yourself!

The only thing you need to ask yourself is this:

Do you REALLY want to change? To finally deliver yourself from failure to success?

Because here's your chance to do break through, once and for all... and the best part is: you don't have to trust anyone else but yourself to do it!

New Discovery Re-Routes Your Brain's Neurons
To Create And Re-Create Only Success
...Every Single Time!

By now you're probably expecting to find some complex, outlandishly expensive solution with select 'BS Bingo Buzzwords' such as 'brainwave coherence', 'hemi-sync' or 'cybernetic transformation'...

NO need for that, thank Goodness.

You can rest easy, I have ZERO reason to blow smoke up your cerebral cortex.

The truth of this matter is SIMPLE and EASY, and it WILL set you free!

With my brand new REWIRED audio, I will show you:

  • The unbelievable power you hold in your words (almost nobody knows this!)
  • How to become receptive to change... so you'll never again have to suffer in order to change!
  • How to put precious positive signals into your brain... they're like seeds sprouting fast into surefire successes
  • The meaning of “catch up time” and how that relates to your words and feelings
  • A technique you can do every morning to ensure positive and progressive rewiring!

You will even learn a simple, yet powerful trick that revolves around your bathroom sink!

But before you decide to take my word for it, listen to some satisfied customers:

Craig Perrine"Fired Up And Focused, Martha's Inspired Products Really Help People"

“In all the years I’ve been in the online world, I’ve rarely met anyone as fired up and focused as Martha  Giffen.  Since I’ve known her I’ve watched proudly as she’s created inspired products that really help people. I highly recommend anyone who’s getting  started online to check out what she’s got going on over at MarthaGiffen.com.  She has a great way of explaining things so even the newest beginner ‘gets it’.  In particular, check out ‘Rewired’, her new latest project."

Craig Perrine
Author of Inspired Marketing with Dr. Joe Vitale

Maggie Miller"Just What People Need - Permanent Positive Change"

"I was so inspired by REWIRED!  What a wonderful way of helping us all get in touch with our positive self and create change.  Martha, Thank You!  I enjoyed REWIRED and felt myself feeling more positive and planning for the challenge of permanent positive change.  I think this is just what people need to move forward on a path to success."

Maggie Miller

"Now Listen..."

I have been where you are.  I watched as others seemed to be “wired” for success while I was “wired” for something else.  I thought I was doing all the right things. 

I read all the books, got the education (way more than the average person!), did the networking BUT until I finally realized it was my internal “WIRING” that was the problem, nothing I did would help my situation.

Once I became aware and put these simple techniques to use, my whole life changed – I became REWIRED for Success!

Believe you me my friend, failure is NOT in your future either!

Have You Ever Justified Your Failures

By Saying To Yourself:

“Hey, That’s Just The Way I Am..."?

Let me put it this way.

Just like re-wiring an older home to make it safe and functional so it can perform up to par – so should the wiring of our own self!  You simply replace or change up what is already there.

Just like the wiring in an older home.  Replacing and renewing makes it come to life”

The same is true of us. Over time, we become dull, our inner wiring becomes dull and it’s just not working for us.  Have you ever said to yourself: “that’s just the way I am”?  Well, you are almost boastful about it.  Like you believe you were wired a certain way and are stuck.

You are NOT stuck.  You can ALWAYS get rewired!

Once I realized that I was the only one who could change what was going on around me, I focused on that.

You’ve been in a conversation with yourself your whole life.  What you tell yourself becomes your truth. Once I became aware of what I was actually saying to myself and BELIEVING about myself, I realized I HAD to change.

Of course I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure if it was possible. After all, I was thinking about changing my “inner wiring”.. You know, who I  WAS. Well, I clung to that belief long enough.  Believing “that’s just the way I’m wired” is just not true.

I chose every minute of every day how I talk to myself.  I began to realize I wasn’t stuck – that wiring might be old and corroded but there was no reason I had to continue to use it. I replaced it with new wiring.  I got REWIRED. And as a result, RE-BORN!

Chuck Pennington"Soothing Delivery... Easy To Implement And Fun To Use"

"Martha, I’ve just listened to “REWIRED” and I’ve got to tell you that you nailed it.  Great job! You are absolutely correct about our language being powerfully creative in its ability to shape our minds. You know the power of the words we use with others and more importantly with ourselves and your quick audio reminder is a great way to make sure you don’t slip back into that negative self talk it so easy to fall into. Your common sense approach to transformation and soothing delivery makes the step by step guide to getting “REWIREDeasy to implement and fun to use. Your energy and voice are just a treat to listen to."

Chuck Pennington

Now, on to the good stuff...

Say Hello To My Little Friend...
$9.97 and 15 Minutes To A New You!

The freshly launched REWIRED audio will teach you:

  • Who to listen to and who not to (you're in for a surprise here!)
  • One action I changed in my daily routine that made all the difference (and you can too!)
  • How to recognize when your self-talk is negative and instantly turn it into a positive

The REWIRED audio program is conservatively valued at $27.00 (its use value is beyond measure!)

Rewired Self-Talk for Winners

But here's the thing...

Because I feel so strongly that the REWIRED audio will completely change the way you look at your self-dialog and your own “wiring” and I want to get it into your hands as quickly and easily as possible, it is being offered at the introductory price of:

ONLY $9.97 for the downloadable audio file!

Pop on the audio in your home, office or car and you'll learn:

  • What is REALLY standing in the way of your success
  • Specific techniques that will positively “rewire” your thinking
  • How to guide your own self-talk so all your brain's parts are in agreement!


Satisfaction GuaranteedHere's my Unbreakable Guarantee to you:
If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with this audio within 60 days, you can get a full refund! 

If you don't see results after using the REWIRED! audio for up to 60 days, simply let me know what you didn't like and I’ll gladly issue you a full refund and thank you for trying our product but…

I don’t expect many refunds. Once you try this program, you’ll be hooked too.

However, there's a slight catch:

Because this is an INTRODUCTORY offer to test the market, I cannot guarantee how long it will last. It could stay for a week, it could be gone tomorrow morning. So don't delay, get yours today!

To get your audio at this special price, simply click on the button below:

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Come on now, with the price of a tall latte for two... you can start relying on your best friend's support for your success... Yourself!

To Your REWIRED Success And Bright New Self,

Martha Giffen

PS. Now you know your mind needs to and CAN be rewired, so you have no excuse to keep repeating your failures. All you need to do is say YES to YOURSELF, discover how to do the kind of self-talk millionaires do habitually without knowing it... and claim your own success!

PPS. Remember, the introductory offer will only last a week or two (or less if I get my data sooner). So get it now before the price goes up to reflect this method's true value!

PPPS. I almost forgot, here's another regular person who have greatly benefited from REWIRED! - check out what they have to say:

Thomas "Trapper" Sherwood"Old Time Common Sense, Delivered With Charm to Your Soul"

“Rewired is a positive self talk not only for our mind, but also for our soul. Martha delivers excellent old time common sense, mixed with her Southern charm and
brings it to you straight from her heart. Rewired will help
rewire your mind and get you on the right path to success.”

Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH

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